Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More sheep...

In case you haven't gathered this already, I like to make sheep.  For my first project of the new semester, I decided to make another, only this time, as a 3D piece.
Environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck visited Apex High and showed us how to make these cute little animals out of trash. (I almost decided to make an elephant instead... silly me)
First, I built a skeleton out of baling wire.  Then I stuffed the skeleton with plastic grocery bags, wrapping the whole thing with yarn so it stayed together.  I swear this thing has dozens of bags inside.  It's heavier than you might expect...
Oh, you were expecting a realistic sheep? NOPE

Next I tore an old pillowcase into strips and wrapped the sheep, because even though it is trash, it doesn't have to look like trash.  I tucked some ears into his head, glued some trash to his face for eyes and a nose, and voilà!
I titled the piece "I like ewe", which is funny because I don't really think of it as a female sheep... more like a lamb of indeterminate gender.  He/she doesn't have a name yet.  Suggestions?

Right now this little guy, along with my other sheep, is on display at the Halle Arts Center in downtown Apex until March 14th.  Go check him out! :))

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