Monday, January 13, 2014

chicken face

When I was thinking about what project to start next, I just kept thinking about how much fun I had painting my sheep.  I wasn't sure what made that sheep different from any of my past projects, but I decided to roll with it and keep with the same theme.  I decided to paint a chicken.  I had also been sketching a little chicken Laura and I make up stories about when we babysit named Bob the Chicken.
Bob the Chicken

I found some references...
I worked mostly from the little guy at the top, second from the left
...and made a sketch...
sketch with oil pastels
...and I just went for it.
Chicken face!

This one was really fun, too.  The hardest part so far has been bringing out lighter and darker values to make the chicken really pop, especially his comb.  I'm still working on that actually :) I am also trying to give him texture without painting individual feathers.  So far I'm very happy with this piece.

...I feel like he needs a name.  Any suggestions?

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